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Water:  When you live in the high desert, water is a precious resource. Our state-of-the-art wastewater treatment system allows us to clean and reuse almost 80% of our water for irrigation purposes.

Solar:  New Mexico has over 300 days of sunshine a year that we don’t want to waste. In 2011, we installed an 18-kilowatt solar panel system on the roof of the brewery which offsets the brewery’s electric bill by roughly 15%.

Cans:  In 2017, we transitioned from a combination of cans and bottles to all cans. Cans are more efficient to pack and lighter to transport, saving gas. They are also more easily recyclable than glass.

Six-Pack Holder:  Our 6-pack holders are made of recycled plastic. And if people bring them back to the brewery, we give them a 10 cent credit towards beer. Mmmmm…beer.

Taprooms:  Two of our taprooms (Green Jeans Farmery and Tin Can Alley) were constructed from reused shipping containers.

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