Isabella Sunset Benefit Concert

September 29, 2017 @ 7:15 pm
The Bridge at Santa Fe Brewing
37 Fire Pl
Santa Fe, NM 87508

The Isabella Sunset Benefit Concert will headline the band Radio La Chusma, with featured musical artist Sage Bond and music from Mateo “DJ Breakaway” Perez. The Dungeon Tattoo Shop will be raffling off a $250 gift certificate while doing body piercing to benefit the film. Pristine Water will be providing its signature water products for the benefit. There will also be other contributing artists who will be present in support of the film, “Isabella”. The proceeds will go to funding the film, with production set to begin late March early April. The Isabella Sunset Benefit Concert will be supported by the following sponsors: The Santa Fe Brewing Company, IROOTS MEDIA, The Dungeon Tattoo Shop, Pristine Water, the IAIA Performing Arts Department, and Rezonate Art, LLC.

The film, “Isabella” will follow a young Native American-Chicana woman named Isabella from Northern New Mexico who is abducted by a dangerous Mexican Cartel to use as leverage when her father goes into hiding when he doesn’t fulfill his committed to the Cartel. Isabella endures 3 years of mental and emotional torture in captivity until she is able to develop a plan that will either keep her a captive or set her free. The underlying theme of “Isabella” is that destiny and fate will change who we are, while paying for the choices of our parents while realizing that love will always have a price to pay.

The benefit by Nathaniel Fuentes (Santa Clara Pueblo/Diné), a BFA student in the Cinematic Arts and Technology program at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM, will be for one of two IAIA Senior Film Projects with the first being “Isabella” which will be used as a calling card into the film industry. The senior film projects are aimed at demonstrating his passion and creativity for meaningful storytelling from an indigenous perspective that shares the relative human experience with his audience. He will be graduating from IAIA in the 2018/2019 school year while working toward making his dreams a reality.


Bringing a unique perspective to the world through music, Radio La Chusma breaks down the barriers of age, race, language, and religion. This six piece band features four part harmonies and a high energy live show. Their new “Frontera Reggae” sound takes the reggae vibrations to a whole new level. Finding inspiration from pre-Columbian and African traditions, Radio La Chusma has been inspiring crowds for the past eight years. Known for their hard-hitting performances, Radio La Chusma performs over a hundred shows a year and has a strong presence and following throughout the Southwest. Currently, the band just released their new full-length album and are working on a soundtrack for a movie based on the border.

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Sage Bond from Red Lake, AZ. Has been playing guitar since 9, singing at 13 with metal influences, however her first time on stage was with a country band. Every day there’s something new to learn, playing through different genres/covers helped to discover her own sound, and become a solo acoustic artist. In 2014, her self-titled album was released, with songs written to cope with depression, the album was nominated for a 2016 Native American Music Award. Later that year, she auditioned for NBC’s The Voice, and American Idol 2015. In Dec 2015, she joined a suicide prevention group ‘Building Communities of Hope’ along with Navajo Nation Vice Prez, Jonathan Nez, and comedian, Pax Harvey, traveling to schools on and off the reservation, speaking from a survivors perspective.

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