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Los Lobos

The Bridge

This event has passed.7:30 PM

For customer ticketing and support contact or call 1-877-466-3404 Pre-sale Tickets on-sale June 20th at 10am. Become a Lensic 360 member for pre-sale access here.  Public on-sale June 23rd at...

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For customer ticketing and support contact or call 1-877-466-3404

Pre-sale Tickets on-sale June 20th at 10am. Become a Lensic 360 member for pre-sale access here

Public on-sale June 23rd at 10am!

This is a standing room only show!!

United Way of North Central New Mexico, Santa Fe Brewing Company &  Lensic 360 are thrilled to announce the electrifying benefit concert featuring legendary band Los Lobos at Santa Fe Brewing on August 12th! This is going to be an unforgettable night of music, community, and making a positive impact.

The United Way of North Central New Mexico is dedicated to making a real difference in our community by mobilizing change and creating better outcomes for New Mexico youth, women, survivors of interpersonal violence, and all residents in our five-county coverage area. Meet United Way distinguished donor groups — Guys Give, Hispano Philanthropic Society, Women United, and the Young Leaders Society. By becoming a member of a donor group, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in hands-on service projects, connect with like-minded community members and business leaders, and be part of something truly impactful.


It’s a matter of time. 50 years to be exact. And in that time Los Lobos have created an unprecedented body of work, a legacy of greatness. The numbers are staggering: 100+ gigs a year for five decades running, crossing millions of miles to rock millions of fans. And that’s just at the live shows. In between they’ve recorded 17 studio albums, 7 live LPs, 3 compilations, 2 EPs, 2 DVDs, and contributed 40+ guest appearances on their friends’ recordings — all garnering 5 Grammys, an Austin City Limits Hall of Fame induction, the ALMA Richie Valens Pioneer Award, NEA and Hispanic Heritage Foundation Honors, Congressional recognitions, plus countless “Keys to the City” and “Los Lobos Day” celebrations. And those are just a few of the highlights. But beyond all the hoopla and applause (and the source of it all, really) is the tremendous heart. Rather, hearts. Cinco corazones. Five blood brothers who have dedicated their off-stage time to helping others, working for peace and justice, penning some of the most literate and important music of their time, transforming the hard cries from the East L.A. barrio into songs of hope, tales of common folk finding ways to endure. The young wolves were weaned on late-night radio’s soul, R&B, and doo-wop. Were cured through the African-American currents of the blues, jazz, and rock ‘n’ roll. An amalgam. As proud Chicanos, their songs have always glistened with the distillation from their Mexican and Latin American roots — nourished by Norteña and rancheras, buoyed by bolero and cumbias, soaring on the rhythms of son huasteco and son jarocho. Los Lobos have helped spread the rich diversity of cultures across every continent, throughout the global community. Kids in Antwerp now know about Aztlán. Residents of Luxor and Ghana are crooning Lalo Guerrero. People from Laos and Bulgaria are belting “La Bamba” — all thanks to The Wolves as cultural ambassadors. Talk about a living legacy. Talk about a productive half century. And in the true rebel spirit, they did it all on their own terms, against formula. For the ages. To our delight. Quite simply, they are one of the tightest, one of the best, one of the most prolific bands ever. And, amazingly, with the original founding members as the pack the entire time. Unprecedented. As their liner notes put it, quite simply: “Los Lobos still are David Hidalgo, Louie Pérez, Jr., Cesar Rosas, Conrad Lozano, Steve Berlin.”


37 Fire Place
Santa Fe, NM

The Bridge


Sat, August 12

7:30 PM - 10:00 PM

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