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Cocktail Server - Tin Can Alley

Santa Fe Brewing Company Albuquerque Taproom at Tin Can Alley Cocktail Server Job Description Santa Fe Brewing Co. is looking to hire a reliable, hard working, attentive, and professional cocktail server for the taproom at Tin Can Alley. This position is responsible for ensuring quick and efficient service for customers at Santa Fe Brewing Co., as well as making sure that bartending staff is supported and the environment for the customers is organized, safe and clean. Cocktail servers are tasked with performing table service throughout the building, picking up dirty glassware, cleaning tables, and assisting the bar back in the performance of their duties. All prospective Santa Fe Brewing Co. employees are expected to be friendly, presentable, courteous, able to follow procedures and display all company values, and be capable of handling stressful situations.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

● Excellent people skills; able to project a friendly and helpful manner at all times

● Able to perform quality work efficiently with minimal supervision

● Able to be responsive and flexible at last minute requests

● Performing ID checks and stamping any new customers

● Performs and is responsible for table service throughout complex

● Starting at the tables furthest from the bar, take inventory of customers drinking, and approach tables to take orders

● Once all tables have been assisted, approach tables with new potential drinkers

● When there are no tables left to serve, begin assisting the barback, collecting glassware, bussing tables, and stocking cocktail stations and other bar supplies

● Assists in maintaining, organizing and stocking beer coolers, ice receptacles and keg room (walk-in)

● Assists in maintaining, organizing and stocking bar well/liquor products

● Assists in maintaining, organizing and stocking garnishes for cocktail drinks

● Maintaining customer areas by ensuring tables are cleared and ready for new customers, replacing trash can liners as needed, and clearing any debris/spills from the floor to ensure a safe walking environment for taproom traffic

● Maintaining communication with bartending staff to ensure efficient and consistent service for guests

● When necessary, communicating to customers information on our menu and products, as well as informing them about a timeframe for bartending staff to serve them

● Assisting the bartender in any duties necessary to more efficiently and promptly help customers

● Ensuring the bartenders are properly prepared for service by assisting them in prepping and stocking duties

● When necessary, assisting bartending staff with customer orders during periods of high volume customer traffic (checking out guest tabs, preparing drink orders for bartenders to serve, expediting customer interaction for bartender)

● Conduct sales of packaged beer, growlers and merchandise in order to assist bartenders

● Understands local, state, and federal laws and policies for alcohol sales

● Upholds all house policies and procedures set by the company

● Ensures that taproom capacity does not exceed maximum occupancy

● Safely and effectively resolves conflicts, identify rowdy patrons and eject them from the establishment if they are a nuisance to other patrons, or if they cause any violent situations

● Contacts Tin Can Alley security/police for any violent/dangerous situations

● Contacts Taxi/Uber/Lyft for any patrons who have become intoxicated and unable to drive

● Answers visitor’s questions and able to provide general information about the taproom as well as Tin Can Alley

● Ensures that no patrons enter the premises with firearms or weapons

● Able to accurately check identification and ensure that all patrons have valid forms of ID on them at all times, and identify any invalid forms of identification

● Maintain a safe space for guests and staff

● Record any security incidents in the incident log as needed

● Open to working on site special events after hours if needed

● Work in a team environment and open to performing other duties as assigned

● This position reports directly to the Bar Manager and the Assistant Manager

● May be assigned other tasks or be asked to participate in other activities such as deep cleaning days, training sessions, meetings, etc.



● Able to work a flexible schedule

● Willingness to work at peak hours which may include evenings, weekends, and holidays

● High school diploma or equivalent and/or qualified experience required

● Valid New Mexico Alcohol Servers Permit required

● 21 years of age or older

● Valid ID

● 1+ year customer service experience

● High volume customer service experience is a plus

● Professional appearance and demeanor

● Able to lift up to 50 pounds & must be able to stand, walk, lift and bend for up to 8 hours a day

● Compliance with all local, state, and federal liquor laws

● Strong problem solving, communication skills, ability to handle tense situations with coworkers and customers calmly and rationally

● A passion for providing customers with high quality service

● Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills with an eye for detail and understanding

● Friendly, open to change, and willingness to learn and grow


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