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Taproom Manager - Beer Hall at HQ

Please send resumes to


Taproom Manager Job Description


As Taproom Manager you are expected to:


Be present as a dedicated leader to handle any situation. Employees will rely on you to take care of any issues that may arise throughout the day and to jump in to find solutions to any problems that customers, staff, admin, and other co-workers may need help with. Oversee daily operations of taproom including maintenance, supply levels, floor service, cleanliness, overseeing money and drops, handing in expense reports before the end of each month, resolving POS issues, legal/code/liability requirements, dealing with intoxicated/out of control customers, working with distributors and utility companies, and anything else needed to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Ensure that all employees are following all policies regarding customer service, POS use, comps & voids, code of conduct, etc. Ensure that all employees’ work is consistent with employee handbook, SFBC rules and requirements, and laws in place by the state of New Mexico, Santa Fe County, Health Department and Alcohol & Gaming. Ensure, on a monthly basis, that all employees’ paperwork, permits, licensing is up to date and properly filed.


Complete regular duties such as scheduling, ordering, errands, maintenance, deposits, monthly expense reports, coordinating events, etc. Ensure that all deliveries are received and checked for accuracy, invoices are turned in to accounts payable weekly, and that supply levels are maintained. Ensure that merchandise/glassware is consistently ordered from the warehouse and fully stocked. Ensure that non-alchoholic drinks, wines, ciders, beer gas, cleaning supplies, paper goods, office supplies etc. are consistently stocked and ordered regularly.


Ensure that keg order forms, tip declaration, weekly side-work sheets, beer sales sheets, etc. are printed/available for all staff. Ensure that all staff is updated via Crew App on new beer releases, flavor profiles and details for new beers.


Make weekly bank runs, deposit drops, make change, etc. Expense reports must be submitted to the accountant on a monthly basis.

Send out bi-weekly reminders to staff about clock ins/outs day before payroll is submitted. Turn in any training hours for new employees to supervisor. Tip reporting Google doc must be completed the night before payroll.  

Resolve conflicts between staff if necessary. Be a mediator and find solutions to any problems between employees and communicate these issues with your supervisor.


Create agenda for and coordinate staff meetings. Work with Supervisor to orchestrate meetings with employees such as performance reviews, verbal warnings, write-ups, terminations, etc. Review applications, coordinate interviews, and other necessary parts of the hiring process.


Create/resolve any scheduling issues and assist staff in finding coverage for time off requests, vacations, emergencies, etc. Be available to be on-call to cover for situations such as emergencies, no-shows/callouts, understaffing, events, etc. Be available to come in to assist during rushes if needed.


Assist customers/staff with any complaints, concerns, service issues, comps, refunds, and any other problems they may have. Be active and available to resolve these issues. If you do not feel comfortable or can’t resolve an issue on your own, involve your supervisor.  

Take phone calls, respond to emails, stay in constant contact with employees, supervisor and any other daily communication tasks that may be necessary. Be available to quickly answer/respond to work related calls, texts, crew app messages, and emails.


In emergency situations be prepared to run errands and supply runs for cleaning supplies, office supplies, sodas, and any bar supplies that are low/out of stock.


Ensure that all spray bottles labeled appropriately so that staff has knowledge of their contents.


 Check and clear voicemails daily.


Contact social media director to update Johnny Boards, and other advertising companies to make sure that graphics and bar ads are current and properly maintained. 


BrewPOS Admin to adjust POS buttons for new & OOS beers, apparel, and merchandise. Use BrewPOS Admin to keep an eye on overrides, comps, and voids regularly. Make sure that all servers are staying within the boundaries of allowed comps, shift beers, employee discounts, annual merch, monthly beers, etc. Ensure that all employees work towards paying off their tabs regularly.


Ensure that the keg book is up to date, make calls to customers who have not returned their kegs, taps, buckets, and charge their cards for the deposit fees if they are not returned in a timely fashion.



Be a leader and a role model for all employees at the taproom. Make sure that everyone knows to come to you with any questions, concerns, ideas, feedback, etc. 


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